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Lenny is the second main protagonist in the series, after Ben.



Lenny has long, round-edged teal hair and has a mantis' skin color. He wears a brown shirt that has a white 'X', possibly a painting or tape.


Lenny appears to be cheerful, wild-minded and crazy. Sometimes, he also appears to be a bit of lazy.


Magic of Butt/Thread from Butt

Lenny somewhat has an ability to make thread using his buttocks, and later will be turned to a butterfly. Even so, it won't last long, and Lenny cannot use too much or he will be tired and (later) faints, if he didn't eat, which means Lenny needs to be charged up so he can use it.


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Noticeable Quotes

"What is it...?"

"Ben, this juice is too cold... *Ben heats the juice up* now it's too hot... *puts ice* now it's too cold..."

"Ooh, Ben!"

"Since when did skeletons breathe? Is there something I should know?!"



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